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Kingscliff Triathlon

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I store my bags?

There will be a bag store area for competitors under the Cudgen Surf Life Saving Club next to registration. Although the area will be staffed we take no responsibility for lost or damaged goods and do not recommend leaving valuables in your bag. The store room will be open from 5.00am Sunday and will close one hour after the last competitor is finished.

Can I set up a team tent?

All teams wishing to set up tents will be asked to do so in the designated areas. With the event operating in the center of town it is important for the safety and consideration of competitors, spectators and locals that team tents are only erected in permitted areas. Refer to the map or call the office for more information.

What happens with wet and/or bad weather?

We think you are going to get wet anyway, so if there is a little rain the event will continue. Presentations will move into the Surf Club. However, if it is cyclonic then the triathlon will be cancelled at the discretion of the Chief Official and Event Organiser. In the circumstance that the event is cancelled it will (A) be transferred to the following weekend or (B) postponed indefinitely. For more information contact the office.

When will the water temperature be taken to determine if wet suits are permitted?

A preliminary temperature will be taken the day before the race, with the official temperature taken the morning of the race. The final ruling on wet suits will be given the morning of the race.  If the water temperature is too hot, wet suits cannot be worn as the suit may act as a heat incubator and cause heat exposure and other problems.

My child would like to compete in the full triathlon.  What can I do?

According to the Triathlon Australia regulations, maximum distances for each age group is as follows:

  • 12 yrs– 300m/10km/2km
  • 13yrs – 400m/15km/4km
  • 14 yrs – 750m/20km/5km
  • 15 yrs – 1.5km/40km/10km

If your child would like to race up in an age category, you must send an e-mail to Triathlon Australia from their coach and medical professional stating they are able to race the extended distance. 


  • Wear your swim cap to ensure you race in the correct category
  • Ensure you have your timing chip on
  • Body numbers must be visible on the front of your right arm and leg
  • Racing numbers must be on the front at all time
  • Helmets must be on and done up before you touch your bike
  • You must place your bike on the rack after the bike leg before removing your helmet
  • Roads are closed but locals can get an escort out if they live on the circuit - keep this in mind and abide by road rules - keep left
  • Complete triathlon clothing wear must be worn at all times - tops and bottoms
  • No Drafting - officials will penalise for drafting
  • Only matching body race number and bike numbers will be permitted to remove the bikes from the transition area
  • The competitor is responsible for familiarising themselves with the courses, directions. Full maps available online, in your competitor program and on competitor information boards.

Race Pack

What you need to have with you:


  • Goggles
  • Swim Cap (provided in your race kit)
  • Swim Suit / Tri Suit
  • Wet suits are only permitted if the water is under 24 degrees. The water temperature will be checked one week out and then the day before the event. 
  • Timing Chip (provided in your race kit)
  • Drinking water for start/finish of swim
  • Sunscreen cream up at least 30 minutes before you come
  • Bike (mandatory)
  • Helmet (a must)
  • Bike Shoes (will help)
  • Water Bottle (you must hydrate)
  • Bike Pump (optional)
  • Spare Tubes / Tyre lever (optional)
  • Bike Gloves (optional)
  • Bike number (definite)
  • Race Number (check)
  • Running Shoes
  • Hat
  • Sunglasses

Race Numbering

  • Your race bib given to you at registration is to be placed on you for your ride and run leg.
  • Ensure the number stays to the front for your run to make it easier for officials to identify you on the finish line.
  • After collecting your registration pack proceed to the scribe area to have your body number put on.
  • Make sure you let them know if you wear bike pants or a t-shirt.
  • Just like the bike number if you don't have a body number you are not entering into the transition area.
  • Numbers will be placed on the front of your right arm and leg.
  • DOUBLE CHECK the number written on you is the same as your bike and timing chip.

Bike Stickers

  • Go on the handlebars or head stem of your bike
  • Only once you have placed the sticker on your bike can you place it in the transition area and get it OUT of the transition area.

Timing Bands

The timing band must be placed on the left ankle. Once you finish the tri you are to return the timing chip to the collector at the end of the race. Collectors will be waiting for you at the finish line. It is a lot cheaper if you return the chip because if you forget you will have to pay $60.

Race Briefing

It is the responsibility of the competitor to read the race brief before you enter the water. This has all the information and rules to racing you need to know. There are no excuses if you don't follow regulations and are reprimanded by officials.

Need to go? Where are the toilets?

Permanent toilets are available in the park, Kingscliff Hotel, Kingscliff Surf Club, & Registration Hall and next to Faulks Park. A complete event base map will be available before race day. There will be penalties for not using the appropriate toilets.

First Aid

Qualified first aid will be onsite during the entirety of the event. St John Ambulance will be based at the Recovery Area and on Jenners Corner of the bike leg. First Aid Personnel will also be at Cudgen Bridge. If you need medical attention or see someone in trouble, please inform event staff immediately. Cudgen Surf Life Saving Club will be monitoring the swim and ensure safety amongst the participants.


Police presence will be evident at the triathlon. The organisers are currently working with the police for permits and ensure maximum safety to residents, competitors and spectators.

Water Safety

Cudgen Surf Life Saving Club will be manning the water to ensure the safety of all the participants in the swim. There will be 6 paddle boards in the water, 1 jetski and two IRB's in the water throughout the duration of the race. All participants must go around the buoys as indicated in the swim map and are expected to act in a responsible manner.

If you are in trouble in the swim, raise one arm for a lifeguard's assistance. A swimmer cannot be towed during the race unless they are withdrawing from the race.

Withdrawals & Refunds

Withdrawals and refunds are through the QSMSports office and are processed according to the Event Terms & Conditions. Click here for the full terms and conditions of the event and the withdrawal and refund policy.

Triathlon Queensland Nissan State Series 

For all the rules and details on the series, please click here.

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